Organic cotton and Gots certified
Made in France
Worldwide shipping

Bio and Gods certified

Fabric woven and dyed in France

Bio and Gods certified

presentation of our fabrics


For your and your children’s health… and for the health of textile fibre producers, our Colimaçon wraps and Colima-slings, as well as our fabric by the meter, are all made of certified organic cotton (GOTS Certificate available upon request). That’s why they are SO SOFT!

We have chosen to work with organic cotton because it is non-GMO and is grown without pesticides or insecticides. Organic cotton farming uses two times less water than conventional cotton farming.

Our WEAVER carries the OEKO-TEX label.

On all of our fabric, our DYER uses dyes that comply with European requirements:

  • They do not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde.
  • They do not contain azo or other allergenic compounds. (Azo compounds are carcinogenic, and are banned in Europe but are still widely used in India, China, etc.)

As for our PRINTS, they carry the REACH label, and the comply with the OEKO-TEX label.

What do labels mean


The GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textil Standard) guarantees an environmental friendly product. The products have undertaken high level controls on environmental and social critiria during their manufacture and their marketing. At least 70 % of the fibers used must have a natural and biological origin. They must be processed in a location that respects the environmental critiria imposed by the certificate. They concern the use of toxic and dangerous products, waste treatment and manufacturing control.


Oeko-Tex standard 100 is a control system and an independant certification for textile products. As a whole, their requirements are much greater than those of the current national laws. Their control takes into account : harmful substances banned and regulated by the law , aswell as products that might be harmful but haven’t been regulated yet.


REACH regulation applies to all companies importing , manufacturing or using chemical products who wish to protect public health and the environment. A compagny under REACH’s regulation insures to make public information on all the chemical substances used, aswell as the risks and dangers of handling them. It is possible for the consumer to ask the retailer which chemical substances are present in a product. They can then be compared to a list of classified dangerous products.

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