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How should I care for my fabric?

Over time, exposure to heat will deteriorate the fibres. To keep your fabric strong, we suggest machine-washing in water no hotter than 40℃. Machine dry and iron only occasionally.

What will happen if I wash my fabric in water hotter than 40℃? ( 104 °F)

Probably nothing, provided you don’t do it regularly. Our fabrics are dyed at 80℃ by our dyer. They are fine with occasional heat. We have carried out a “Fabric Crash Test” where we boiled a fabric scrap for two hours. It came out in perfect condition. On the other hand, keep in mind that fabric exposed to high temperatures will shrink.

Does the colour of your fabrics bleed?

Some colours don’t bleed, others bleed a bit.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest that you wash each colour on its own, twice.

I’ve heard that to keep colours bright, I need to soak my fabric overnight in white vinegar. Is that right?

Yes and no… but mostly no! Vinegar helps to get rid of excess dye (dye that did not fix to the fabric)... if it’s applied hot. If you want to use vinegar, we suggest washing your fabric for the first time in 90℃ water with a cup of white vinegar added to the drum of the washing machine.

BUT it’s not necessary with our fabrics. Two machine washes in 30℃ - 40℃ water works just as well. ( 86°F - 104°F)

Do your fabrics shrink in the first wash?

Yes, they shrink 10% in length in the first wash.

Should I wash my fabric BEFORE starting to sew, or AFTER having made my project?

It depends entirely on what you are doing.

If you want to make a sling or a wrap, you don’t need to wash the fabric beforehand (we don’t wash our fabric before sewing our Colimaçon wraps and our Colima-slings). Just make sure you cut your fabric 10% longer than you want the finished product (shrinkage: 10% of the original length).

If you want to make anything else, and especially if you want to mix colours, we suggest that you wash each colour twice, separately, before sewing. This is for two reasons: the fabric will shrink by 10% the first time you wash it, and the colours may bleed onto each other if they aren’t washed beforehand.

And if I’ve made a project with multiple colours but I forgot to wash the fabrics beforehand, what do I do now?

Some of our designers, who have found themselves in this situation, have used colour catching sheets (they used the French brand Décolor’stop) in the first and second washes. Their projects came out in perfect shape. They put several sheets in the drum of the washing machine to make sure that it worked.

Do I need to use specific sewing materials to work with your fabric?

No, you can easily work with our fabrics with your usual sewing machine, provided it is of decent quality.

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