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Networks and collaborations

C&C’s lucky stars!​

The people we work with​

Anthony and the Bearded Man Sling

Anthony contacted me in 2016. He was a young Baby Wrap instructor.

He was looking for a Baby Wrap manufacturer to make crash-test resistance videos for his YouTube channel. He wanted to see how much strain you could put on a piece of material before it tore. He ended up by having a twelve-tonne fire-brigade truck hauled from a standing start by another one attached by a simple Colimaçon Baby Wrap. At the end, there was only one small tear in the material.

Anthony is bursting with ideas – he got in touch with me again because he wanted to develop a dorsal Baby Wrap. I was doubtful, but, along with other ideas, he said, “I’ve also thought of a long Sling with four rings.” Now that caught my attention! I encouraged him to create his own brand, which we then ended up by starting together.

Today chance has it that Anthony is living near my birthplace in Lorraine, north-eastern France, a mere 500 yards from my grandmother’s. He’s now running a bakery.

Rebecca and les Hirondelles

Anne lives in our small village in the heart of the French Alps.

She often comes to the workshop to buy material for her sewing projects. One day she sent me on an e-mail from her sister-in-law, Rebecca, who’d just launched her own brand of organic cotton material (Jersey and poplin): Mars-Elle. Rebecca designed her patterns herself, and I immediately fell in love with them.

I’d been wanting to work with patterned materials for some time, so I went straight to the point, “Rebecca, I make organic twill: do you do designs for other brands?”

Her answer was to the point as well: “I’ve seen your material at Anne’s place and I love it. Why don’t we work together?”

I was dumbfounded!

Our collaboration led to our founding our joint brand of material, “Les Hirondelles”. “Hirondelle” is French for “swallow”, the beautiful summer bird. Rebecca and I are still working together today.

Rebecca is Belgian, like my forebears on my father’s side.

Laurie and upcycling

This project is a 100 % Grenoble one. The stars must have aligned again.

I’m getting a growing number of queries on the same subject: “My children are growing up. How can I transform my Baby Wrap and keep on using it?”

A good question!

I brought it up with my good friend Rozen, a seamstress. She told me Laurie was the person I needed. Laurie is a sewing instructor and loves children. She believes in upcycling and has become an expert – and she’s always full of great ideas.

Not only does she have great ideas, though, … she also has a sense of what looks good! We’ve worked on creating our new blog dedicated to upcycling your Baby Wrap.

Our network of Baby Wrap instructors

“Hello, I’m a Baby Wrap instructor, working for another brand [I believe it was a foreign one]. I’d like to work with yours as well. How can we set it up?”

Another good question!

That call came in 2009, when Colimaçon was just a startup. Well, I seized the opportunity and created Colimacon’s Baby Wrap instructor’s network.

Today the network has 300 instructors, both men and women, in France and other countries.

I will be eternally grateful to the woman who called me, because, thanks to her, my firm and its products quickly became well known and the business took off.

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